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June 6, 2014: Concert Itinerary

LGPC Sanctuary Choir Music Mission 2014

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Tonight – June 6 – is our annual Choir Appreciation Dinner*, marking the end of another season.  This Sunday will be the last time we sing in Worship until next Fall.

And what a season!  Bookended by our November three choir concert with composer Morten Lauridsen – featured this Sunday at 1:00pm on All Classical’s Played in Oregon –and May’s send off concert, all wrapped nicely in December’s music Sunday, Christmas Eve, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and every Sunday in what we do best:  Bring through music praise to the Living God and the love of our Savior Jesus Christ to all who hear.

Exactly what we’ll be doing in Europe.


*Entertainment by Troy and the Troyettes.


A number of people have asked for dates and places we’ll be singing. All times are local:

Our June 15, 17 and 20 concerts will replicate our May 17 send off concert at LGPC.

May lives change.

Thank you all for continued prayers!

June 6, 2014: The Longest Day

LGPC Sanctuary Choir Music Mission 2014

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A week!  Hard to believe.

From eager anticipation now is the time of butterflies.  Have we prepared enough?  Will people show up?  Will they listen, will they hear?

More personally:  Have I forgotten anything?  Plug adapters?  Passport?  Copy of passport?  Music?  Enough underwear?

But, with prayer, anxieties will take care of themselves.  This is going to be a fabulous mission.


Tomorrow – June 6 – is the seventieth anniversary of D-Day, the largest naval assault in history, one that pretty much saved the free world.  Without it, and the sacrifice of the thousands who lost their lives in the execution, we likely would be traveling to a far different France – if we could travel there at all.  The Gospel can still be proclaimed!  (A great PBS special can be seen here.)

That’s why for many of us one of the most anticipated moments of the trip will be our informal concert at the American Cemetery in Normandy on June 18th.

It’s our way of saying thank you to the Greatest Generation.