Like Father, Like Daughter. Music Nostalgia

From Shan:


Some simple nostalgia. A musical experience.

I was in school choirs starting in seventh grade through high school. I was fortunate to go to a high school with a great music and theater program. One year, the three schools in the district combined their choirs and orchestras to perform Mozart’s Requiem in full. We performed the concert in a fairly local church with good acoustics. Combined, we were a choir of 350. The orchestra nearly as big. Needless to say, with that many parents, the pews were full. Like the Sanctuary Choir, there was a lot of talent amongst us to really pull it off. It was an awesome experience and of course quite the accomplishment for high school students.

While I love the Requiem in its entirety, there are a few pieces that have stuck with me more than the rest all these years. By far, my favorite is the Kyrie. Year-after-year I find it popping in my head as it did this morning inspiring this note. I love how the basses start it off and it’s just an awesome series of runs in conjunction with the strings making it a very energetic piece with the sudden retard at the end where everyone comes together. Not far behind is Rex Tremendae. I love how it starts with the sudden bursts of power, “Rex!” and winds down to a pianissimo at the end.  And equal to the Rex, I do love the Dies Irae.

More than any solo or any other piece sung during that time, it was the hard work and the amazing experience of such a collaboration that I remember the most. Not unlike our recent experience with the Lux. Such hard work and such an amazing experience.



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