On Navigating SmugMug


Several have asked for more explicit instruction on how to navigate SmugMug, specifically how to download pictures.  Most important: Ignore the green ‘Buy’ button; not needed!

Here is the folder that contains all the galleries, sorted roughly chronologically.  (Note I’m still tweaking; just added a gallery of the Bayeaux Cathedral.)  Double click on any gallery to get to the pics; to return to the folder click on > Music Mission 2014 > on the upper left.

When you see a picture you want to download, click on it; it becomes full screen.  In the lower right corner are icons:  the cascade envelopes on the far right allows you to pick the size – the bigger the better the resolution.  (You can skip that if you just want what’s on the screen.)  To the immediate left of the cascade is a down arrow:  click on that to download.  If you have Windows 7 or 8 it goes into your ‘download’ folder by default.  You can then either scroll to the left or right to remain in full page mode, or click the x in the upper right corner to exit back to the gallery.

After downloading, with the exception of selling them, they’re yours to do with as you wish!

PS  Comments are enabled.  Always appreciate feedback!

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