July 2, 2014: Paris in Black and White


Thank you ALL for your appreciation!  I’ve loved doing it, and that there have been over 75,000 picture views says that the connection between the travelers – and our Mission – and those of you who prayed and supported us from home was made.  Thanks be to God!


This Mission is enduring.  Not only were lives changed of those who heard, but the lives of each of us who went were changed as well.  Even Wendy – I hope I’m not betraying a confidence – said this:  “The witnessing of music having such power is still stirring in me.  I knew music could break barriers etc but I had never felt it and witnessed it so intensely before.  This is still changing me and how I view ministry and mission.”

Not to put any pressure on, but may I suggest we look forward to a powerful – powerful! – next season.


Paris in Black and White here.

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