July 1, 2014: Addenda

I feel a little like Steve Martin in The Jerk:  “Enough pictures; that’s plenty.  Well, except for this one.  Oh, and this; but that’s it!  I like this one, too…”

The truth is I only now finished looking at all of them!  

As Melinda just said, we’re all back to routine, but we’re still living that magnificent trip.  If anyone can suggest how it might have been improved, I’d love to hear.  I even think Mary Ann’s abscess and miraculous recovery was part of God’s plan.  We are so very, very blessed.

Several people asked Sunday to have the Music Mission 2014 folder link reposted.  That’s here.  The URL:  http://jkempe.smugmug.com/Music-Mission-2014.

I’ve also added two galleries of additional pictures of Paris – here – and Brugges, here.  Some are redundant, but improved by post processing on a better computer and monitor.

I suspect there may be more…

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