From Linda Brugh

_1JK1879-1Two weeks back and we’re still absorbed with the trip.  I suspect we will be for a very long time, just as I suspect it will have an enormous impact on our ministry.

Linda Brugh was our spiritual leader, picking daily Scripture and writing the devotions.  She sends this:

Has anyone mentioned that Italian lady who was so moved (I believe at the Paris concert) by our McCleod anthems?  She was happy to hear her language.

 One lady at the Paris concert and one at the Bayeaux concert pointed to her heart – that each had been touched.  And then they ran their fingers up and down their arms – they felt chills and goose-bumps.

 I remember that couple who came to the rehearsal at Bayeaux, came to the concert, and followed us to the American cemetery at the beaches.  Who knew we would have groupies!

 At all three concerts I heard many people say that the choir seemed/was so joyful. 

 I was affected by the genuine gratitude many in the audience expressed to us when we went out to meet them after the concerts.  Many had tears in their eyes.


I was personally greatly affected by the piece of bloodied cloth at the basilica   in the main square of Brugges.  It didn’t matter whether it truly WAS Jesus blood on the cloth in the small glass vial, brought back from the Crusades to the Holy Land.  What mattered was the horrible, tremendous sacrifice He made on the cross, that HIS blood was shed.  For some reason seeing that “relic” really brought home the price He paid for me.  “Thank you, Lord,” was what I thought over and over.


After having sung in and visited such beautiful cathedrals in France and Belgium, I thought about all the sacrifices faithful Christians made over centuries in order to build such beautiful buildings—all to the glory of God. I thought about all the preachers, pastors, priests, and lay people who worshipped in those sacred halls.  I thought again with wonder at God’s plan, that down through over two thousand years there has been this great “cloud of witnesses” that left their imprint on the physical and spiritual landscape of Europe, and who passed on to us Jesus’ story of God’s great love for us.  And wonder of all wonders, WE get to continue that tradition, adding our small gifts, voices, and witness to theirs.

Thank you, Linda, from all of us!

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