A New Blog

Again, thank you ALL for your support and thanks. We love taking pictures, love editing them, love writing.

Several have asked – especially those overseas with only tacit connections to home – that we keep blogging.  The immediate problem is finding enough to write about:  it’s relatively easy on a Choir Mission, less so in the mundane pages of summer.

But you know what?  We’ll try.  This choir is family; there’s always something interesting happening.

Note this isn’t going to be Facebook; no one really cares what you had for breakfast.  That said, if you have special events, special stories, special people, let us know!  We’ll tell the world.

To begin we’ve archived all the posts from Music Mission 2014, in the order they were posted.  All the links are intact..


Still living it.  Wow, what a trip.

Love you all!

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