June 26, 2014: Wound Down; The Beginning

_1JK2121 Pics of the lit up Bayeaux Cathedral here.  New gallery of pre-concert Brugges here. (Love those Titterington babes!)


Whew.  Forgive me, I’m going to make this personal:

1.  As Wendy and Jeff have said, we bonded as a group from the beginning.  But what’s important is that we bonded not only with each other, but with our choir brothers and sisters at home and with the congregation as a whole. Without your love, prayers and support nothing would have been the same.  Thank you, bless you!

2.  Did you notice in the pictures how many were recording the events?  We changed lives, and we’ll continue to change lives.  God is good!

3.  Oh, the comments:  “Thank you!  Others have come to sing, you came to worship.”  “We don’t often get the chance to praise God; thank you, thank you , thank you!”  In broken English: “My heart, my skin (indicating goose bumps); I love you all!”

4.  Wendy.  A good friend for over sixteen years, I have the distinction of being the only one on the nominating committee who voted against her hiring.  What do flutists know about choirs?

It’s the only time I’ve ever been wrong.

I’m tempted to soliloquy, but there’s no one reading this who doesn’t know what an incredible talent, what an incredible person, she is.  You know how they say no one is indispensable?  They’re incorrect.


And with that, bless you all!  Thank you for your emails of thanks; I’ve enjoyed doing this immensely. 

But right now?  Tired eyes.  Really tired eyes….

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